Monday, April 22, 2013

Meet and Greet Ideas and Input Needed!

Only other teachers understand that it is April and we have already started thinking about next year!

I am so excited!  Next year our school has decided to do our Kindergarten Meet and Greet a different way.  We usually have meet and greet for all grades K-5 at the same time.  However, it can get crazy, especially when you have some parents who are bringing their child to school for the first time and have a million questions.  It is hard to give all 18 families your attention when the meet and greet is 2 hours long and you have people coming in and out at different times.

I spoke with our fabulous principal today and presented the idea of doing a special night just for Kindergarten families.  We would have everyone meet as a group in the cafeteria for 20-30 minutes and go over school-wide items.  We would talk about procedures, grade-level expectations (how it has changed drastically over the past few years), bus ramp, car pick-up, transportation changes, lunchroom items, etc.  Then we would have the parents come down to their child's Kg teacher's room for the last 20-30 minutes.  In the room we could tell the parents about ourselves, give them our classroom discipline plans and expectations, and help them with all of the paperwork they fill out at the beginning of the year.  Luckily, we worked out a few details and scheduled our first Kindergarten night for next school year!

That being said, I am full of questions.

Does anyone's school do Kindergarten meet and greet this way?

Do you allow the children to attend at night?

What do you call your Kindergarten night?  I want something cute to put on the fliers/letters to go home.

Any fun ideas to get the parents to come or other things to do at the meet and greet night?

 Please help provide some insight if you can!  I greatly appreciate any help or advice you can share.


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